Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vacationing at home or Staycation.

This past week my husband " Big J" was on vacation.  Usually we would have planned to go someplace usually camping. Due to the fact that next week we have college tuition due times two plus another whopper of a bill, we stayed home. Not that staying home is so bad. I love to stay home. Maybe a wee bit too much. We did stuff around here, putter projects, hung out, and were lazy too.  It was fun. I love having  all my family home. Usually this ones there, that ones there and its just me and the dog. Yesterday we hauled out the boats ( kayaks) and hit the lake. I like to try different areas, see new sites.Especially so with kayaking.  I prefer lakes over rivers. We kayaked the most nasty river once, ugh. It was awful!  On the flip side, our first ever river to kayak was the Taquamenon. Now if all rivers were that gorgeous, Id do more. This day, we choose Gull Lake. Its huge!  Lucky for us, not too busy. Addie Mae, the latest addition to our family, a puppy, came along too. Sporting her Outward Hounds doggy life vest. She looked sooo cute!  She did very well for her first outing in the boats. The area we were in had no vacant land for her to go potty, and just when we were way, way out? Nature called. Addie had to go and now!  So, I did what any wise women would have done. Gave her to Big J.  No, well sort of. We all ended up turning around and   high tailing  it back to the boat landing! Im a paddle, paddle....glide kinda kayaker. On the return trip, we were hauling the mail. I wonder if she will or could learn to just go potty in the lake, like the fish do??? Now that would be nice. 

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