Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dear Mrs. Stewart, I just want to Thank You!

I found the missing ingredient! On a recent shopping trip I discovered  Mrs. Stewart Liquid Bluing.I found it down the cleaning aisle, next to the Borax/ Washing Soda I use to make my own laundry soap.  Its amazing stuff. As per the directions I added just 1/4 tsp, diluted in a small amount of water in my rinse cycle, to a load of all whites.  The results were AMAZING!  My whites haven't been this white since....I lived where they had city water,35% chlorine. I now have well water. Yeah!  Sadly it has lots of calcium/lime build up even with  the help of a  soft water unit. Well water is  tough on the whites. Not any more. Thank you Mrs. Stewart. I was also fascinated to read all the other uses. Insect bits, especially for bee stings. I'm a beekeeper too. Also for adding to your rinse cycle in the dishwasher for sparkling crystals and glasses, but wait more!  Yes! MORE......Ive added it to my homemade window cleaner and dishwashing detergent too.....

Check it out!  You'll be just as impressed and save $$$$. No longer will you need to bleach your whites or spend money on other cleaners. Its bio-digradeable, non-toxic and priced just over $2 for 8 fluid ounces. Just a dab will do ya! You can go to their site for other useful uses and guides. Enjoy!


Annnightflyer said...

Can this be used with a septic system? I love trying new things myself!

Jessica Dopler said...

You mentioned you add it to your home made window cleaner. Would you be willing to share the recipe for this cleaner? I've been looking for a good window cleaner that I can make.

Life at Purple Gate Farm said...

Hi Jessica. I had to do some digging to find my recipes. I have many to share so here we go......
This one my mother used while she had her house cleaning business
1 gallon distilled water, no minerals. ok, Im cheap, I used tap water ;(
1 pt alcohol 70%
1/2 c ammonia, clear
1 T liquid dish soap.
we use a squeegee with a fuzzy sleeve in a bucket, dip, give a wash, than squeegee off.

recipe for window cleaner
1/2 c ammonia
1/2 c rubbing alcohol
1/2c water. This one will KNOCK your SOCKS OFF! STRONG! I use it in the kitchen...when I have lots of greasy stuff.

1 qt vinegar
1 c lemon ammonia
top off jug with water

1 c rubbing alcohol
1c water
1 T vinegar
***** 1/4 tsp MRS STEWART*******
The problem I had was over time Mrs Stewart evaporated