Friday, September 30, 2011

Easy Peasy Pumpkin Preserving

Say that ten times fast !   Last year I bought 6 pie pumpkins to preserve.  They were delicious, all winter long. I made pies, muffins, cookies and we like it with a little pad of butter some nutmeg and or cinnamon, as a side dish.   This year I decided to grow my own. Are you surprised by that?   Did they ever grow and spread every where.  I'm still picking pumpkins and have a few green ones still on vines. The other day I started to preserve my pumpkins. I think I may have found an easy, peasy way of doing so. First I  rinse off  the  pumpkins,  next I use a sharp knife and very carefully poke holes into each one, to release any build up during the cooking process. Then I place them on a cookie sheet or jellyroll pan and bake them at 350 until tender. Usually this is about 20 mins.  Remove them from the oven, let them cool, warm to the touch. Cut them in half and remove the seeds and stringy inside "stuff".  I like to save the seeds to roast later, so if you like to eat pumpkin seeds, save em.  Next I use a large table spoon and scoop out the meaty inside portions into a large stockpot.  Cook mixture on a medium -low heat setting.  It will change colors from a pale orangey- yellow to a bright orangey "pumpkin" color  signaling Its Done.  I usually add about a cup or so of water to the mix while its cooking.  At this stage I do some quality control work, looking for rogue seeds and or fragments of skins.   I use a potato masher to begin the pureeing  process, as it cooks I switch to my stick blender aka The Boat Motor.  Keep blending until all lumps are gone, and its that nice orangey color.  Your going for a thin batter consistency. You may need to add more water to get it to that thinness. Pourable is what I wanted, you may want it thicker. That's fine, totally up to you.    I then let the mix cool, then  place in pint sized jars, lid, lable and place in the freezer. See? Easy Peasy Pumpkin Preserving.  No peeling, chopping, steaming, blah, blah blah...This process from start to finish...less than an hour.

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Annnightflyer said...

My sister in law told me to get pumpkin seed exract for my bladder problem I wonder if the seeds will do the same if I eat them.mmmmm