Monday, September 19, 2011

Growing Micro Greens

We love to eat salads. In the summer its very easy to grow your own. Now that we are entering Autumn, the gardens are gearing down for a long winters nap. I really miss my garden during this time. I love to grow things. Each year I start my garden from seedlings that I started in my house, late February. I am now starting micro greens to get us through this "rest" time. When my husband was recently diagnosed with Diverticulitis, I went to the books and internet and did as much research as my eyes could read and my brain could process. Its wonderful having a pre-med student in the house too.  I read many varying degrees of dealing with my husbands condition. From eating only canned goods, and  white breads. That didnt fit us at all. To eating whole foods and lots of natural fiber.  We like leafy greens, as you know, homemade breads, and  fresh canned goods from home  grown  gardens.  We decided on a high fiber, more natural way of treatment. So far, its working.  Along with supplements. His condition is  quiet, and no more pain. All good.

Thats when I found "micro greens." Or tiny plants as I call them. Im currently growing Golden Purselane for its Omega  properties, Wheatgrass, Kale, Spinach,   and a variety of lettuces. I do use oraganic potting soil and grow lights.  Especially on days when the sun isnt shining, like today, its raining. I have my  trays on  metal shelves facing west to get as much intense sun as possible. I get my seeds from Territorial Seeds or I  buy  organic seeds from local stores during garden season. After you get your dirt in large, deep trays. I use a 40 qt plastic storage tub, I know... plastic... Angela?  Yes, plastic. Its water proof , deep and cheap. This is what works for me. Its not written in stone nor punishable by prison if you choose another way.  I get mine from Meijers or Wallys. Load em up with dirt and sprinkle your seeds on top. Give them a good watering. Now do you see why I use plastic tubs? Another tid bit. if your a dried bean soaker, save your dried bean soaked water for your plants.  Plants LOVE that kind of water, loaded with great nutrients!
 Its taken about three days and they have sprouted!  To harvest, just use some sharp, clean scissors and snip-snip off the tops. I use them in salads. Or I use them in my  juicer mixed with carrots, apples, kale and cucumbers and whatever other fruits or berries we have on hand. This concoction is loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and omega 3, a fatty acid thats super-duper good for you! Thanks to the Purselane.  Thanks to the Purselane.  Some say not to use Wheat Grass in an electric juicer, unless its the $300 model.  Well, I got mine at a local store for under $50 and I think it works just fine.  You have to do what works for you, and if it means going into debt to do it. I say, lets RETHINK that.   Doesnt sound appealing  you say?  Hmmm. Try it. Its amazing. And amazing for your body. You know whats coming. The sniffles, sore throats, groggy, no energy crude thats always going around.  Build up your body the better way, naturally and home grown. Its easy peasy and ohhhh so fun!
One more thing! As you'll see in one of the photos theres three Romain "dead-ends" those are NOT dead. Place them in your dirt, outside garden in the summer or inside now, they will grow! I have only had success with the organic variety, the conventional ones grow for a short time, then always die.

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