Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How I Grind My Own Grain Into Flour

Making grain into flour is not rocket science. Anyone can do it and you should. Homemade bread is wonderful and so much healthier for you. I went through many a "brick of the trade" before I got successful loaves of breads. All my near misses went to the chicken yard. So many in fact that we  joke that when the chickens see me coming with bricks, they run with their wings covering their beaks.. pleading....please no more!!!  But not anymore. I now make bread my family can actually eat! And enoy.Especially now that I have lots of different canned goods of varying jellies. I wont make you wait any longer.
First and foremost I do use an electric grain mill and mixer. I have found that unless you really want to work out your arms hand grinding atleast 11 cups of flour you will want to use a grain mill. I own the Blendtec Mill and Mixer. I love them!  The mill grains about a pound of grain in a minute. The mixer is really necessary for stretching the whole wheat bands to make nice, fluffy bread.
                                             Whole Wheat Bread Recipe
1 1/2 cups warm water
1 tsp yeast
1/2 tsp salt. Add last.
2T honey
8 tsp Hodgson Mill Vital Wheat Gluten
 3 1/2 cups whole wheat. I use Red hard wheat and white soft wheat, equal parts.
1/2 cup all purpose flour. I use this in the final step of kneading. Theres "something" about adding this type of flour that just makes for a better loaf. Dont skimp here.
I add the salt last.
First, I put my grains into my mill, then add the ingredients into the mixer. I let it rise in an oiled glass dish. I like Olive Oil. Sometimes in a nice sunny spot. Or, yesterday I was using my Excalibur Dehydrator so I placed the loaves in there and it worked wonderfully! After one rising, I divide the dough in half and place it in a stoneware dish, greased with butter or olive oil or shortening. Let it rise again, then bake at 375* until its nice and golden and makes a nice "thunk" sound when you tap the top of the loaf. Let it cool on a wired rack, the turn out your loaves. Put something good on it or not. Enjoy.

I get the Hodgson Vital Wheat Gluten at Walmart for $1.84 per box. I buy up several at a time.
One more thing, I missed the photos of the bread rising, my camera battery went dead!
Part of this recipe is from Grandma Bread and part I added, so its a mix!

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