Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Not your average farmer

Last June I ordered 25 Tilapia fryling from White Brook Tilapia.  They are the most nicest people I have dealt with a long time.  So kind and helpful.

 I decided to jump in and do this new experiment without books or prior learning.  The book I wanted was on back order and then not available.  Many books on Aquaponics, or  Hydroponics are very expensive.  I thought " How hard can this be, there fish?"  Well I guess my inexperience paid off. I have lost none, zip, zero. For me one of the best ways of learning is talking with people who have or are doing the interest at hand.  I have found many on, of all places...Facebook!
I keep saying I need another tank. But... Im holding off for a larger greenhouse and a true hydroponics set-up but this time Im doing lots of research. I do not plan on building another Eileen's Place!

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