Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goats Milk Cheese

I currently have one doe, Blossom, a Saneen, in milk.  When  Blossom is in "high milk" production,  over two gallons a day, I had to come up with some uses for all this milk.  Soaps, cheese, yogurt, ice creams..... First I have to say. I pasteurize. I know many of you are Raw Milk advocates. I support your decision. For me and my family and many conversations with many people, including my vet, I pasteurize. Im not opening up that nasty can of worms!  We like pizza so I usually make Mozzarella and either use it right away or freeze it. Also I save the whey and make Ricotta or give the whey to my chickens.
 I have made Fetta, Ricotta, Paneer, Chevre, Cheese Curds, Cheddar and Parmesan cheese all from Blossoms milk. They are all delicious. Theres just something wonderful about sitting down to a meal with my family and  all or most of the meal is homemade and or home grown. Love that!

I love, love , LOVE Goats Produce Too By Mary Jane Toth. A wonderful book!  I use it often if not always. I follow her directions for yogurt and mozzarella and I have not had a bad batch. Except for when I turned on the stove, got busy doing something and...forgot..burned the cheese. Hardly a recipe problem, just chef problem.  Sadly it is illegal to sell raw milk in my state, so I usually dump out many gallons that we just cannot use. I see both sides to this debate. We pay for those who dont. For now Im just grateful for what we have and will continue to do my best. As you can see from the photos above a typical day in my routine.  6 gallons of milk turning into cheese on the stove top and then cheese curds draining over my sink.  I have  taken cheese making classes, but the best teacher is hands on experience in my opinion. If you have your own milk source or are buying milk from the store, try to make a simple recipe  first like Mozzarella, its an amazing experience and one you can, in part, do with your kids or should I say, children to keep from confusion of baby goats ;)  I would highly recommend a family goat.  They are personable, wise and great producers too.


~*~ Shar ~*~ said...

Cheese-making IS fun. I think we've probably all had a bad batch, for whatever reason. But we persevere and enjoy our successes!
Shar @ Menagenary Farm

Life at Purple Gate Farm said...

Thank You Shar for all your wonderful, knowledgeable help with Blossom. And happy cheese making to you as well. It is fun and tastey!