Sunday, February 26, 2012

Potatoes Buy 10 Get the 11th Free!

So thats what I did. 33 lbs of potatoes came home with me from the grocery store. Of all my "chores" grocery shopping is the one I detest the most! Sad but true. But this time, I was pretty happy with this sale. I came home and pressure canned 5 quarts. And dehydrated 12 trays of potatoes into 7 qts. Thats how many pounds it took. 33 lbs! I used my Cuisianart with the slicing blade.  Then I blanched them, placed them in chilled water and into the Excalibur. How easy is that? Kitchen tools did most of the work. All I basically did is give the spuds a good washing first. Easy Peasy Potatoes!

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