Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Save Those Egg Shells

Breakfast is my most favorite meal. Especially eggs.  With a family of four we generate a lot of egg shells. Usually I just place them in our compost bin to be put back into or onto our garden. Besides the use Im going to share with you today, egg shells have many other possibilities. But for now, here's the one Im super excited about. Well for today anyways ;)  I have had this book for awhile. Dr. Pritcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats. Its wonderful. I have enjoyed it and tried many recipes in it for our fury ones.  In there he tells how you can make your very own Calcium Carbonate from egg shells.  Cheap and easy and you probably already have the main ingredient! Eggs. Simply rinse your egg shells out, place in a bowl until you have enough to fill a cookie sheet pan full. Make sure all your egg shells are open, no double stacks, like I have in the photo. OOps!  Place them into a 300* oven for 10 minutes. Remove from oven, allow to cool.

 I place them first into a Ziploc baggie and crunch them up a bit. Then I use a coffee bean grinder specifically for anything but coffee beans! Spices to be ground for eating or being used in my homemade soaps and in the case egg shells. Dual purpose, gotta love it!  Give them a good whirl until they are a fine, ground powder.

 Make sure there are no large chuncks or sharp pieces. If so, whirl again. I kind of shake the grinder as Im grinding. Hows that for direction? 
  One teaspoon is 1800 milligrams of calcium! Amazing!  I use this powder on my garden, feed back to my hens, and give to our other farm animals. I sprinkle about one teaspoon over their feed. How easy is that?  So, save those egg shells. All this from the incredible, Egg. By the way, its Addie Mae approved.