Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Walk In The Woods

Everyday Addie Mae and I take a walk in the woods. I prefer walking in the woods as to the road, safer! Even though we are in the country the drivers on our road seem to think this is an airport...they fly by!  Soooo, we walk in the woods. We decided to take you along with us via pictures. Enjoy!
We like to stop and notice the little things like greenery in the snow. Spring is just around the corner!

 This is the field where I ride my horse Chance.  You cant see it today, but there is a Ski Lodge out there. Waaay out there! Bittersweet Ski Lodge in the fog.
 I apologize for the poor quality of this photo but its just too cute not to share. Addies boots by mommys boots.
 The trees were covered in a mix of ice and snow. And we are to get more snow??? Nooooo!
 I took this last week or maybe longer ago.  Notice all the critter tracks?

And the best for last. Addie Mae. "Lets goooo mom!"

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Annnightflyer said...

Bet she loves the snow,looks like it.Mine,I can't get him to come in once he goes out.He loves it! The first time? he stepped out real slow and then it was a free for all.He likes having snowballs thrown at him.