Friday, March 23, 2012

Dandelion Winemaking

4 qts dandelion heads
2 gallons water
3 lemons
3 large oranges
2 lb sugar
2 lb brown sugar
12 oz honey
1 large Ginger root
2 lb golden raisins
Pick Dandelions mid day when the blooms are wide open. Completely remove the stalks. Place in a stainless steal pot. Boil water. Add petals. Cover tightly and let sit covered.

Let sit for 2 days, stirring twice daily. Boil mixture one more time. Add in sugar,  peels and boil for an hour. Let cool add honey,  ginger root, juice and pulp of lemons and oranges.  Add yeast spread on toast, cover and let  stand for 3 days.
Strain mixture and put into fermentation vessel. Add  raisins and top with airlock. Leave until fermentation stops. Rack and bottle.
Wine is drinkable after 6 months. Tastes better after a year.
I picked my Dandelions in the Spring. Separated the flowers from the stem and placed them in a ziplock freezer bag. Kept them frozen until ready to use.

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