Sunday, March 25, 2012

Re Purposing An Old Wreath

Awhile back I stopped at a garage sale. I found an old, dusty, broken  eucalyptus wreath. It was only marked 50 cents. How can you turn that down? I didn't. I brought it home,  with every intention of re purposing it. Well it enjoyed a  long stay in  my craft room, aka crap room closet. I call it the crap room because for " some reason", if my family doesn't know where something belongs. It gets placed in my Craft Room, but its loaded with their I Don't Know Where This Goes Crap????..know what I mean??? Hence the name Crap Room.
I clean my wreaths by either using a blow dryer on cool setting, blowing off all the dust. Or, I place them outside to get washed by a gentle rain and dry in the sun. I do this method when wreathes are made of plastic or coated materials.
The other day was rainy as is today. I already had all the items needed to do the task. Should I mention that?  Oh well! I took it all apart. And remade a new wreath. Here is how:
I used one bag of Spanish Moss $5
Flower pins $4
Styrofoam ring $3
All materials I found at my local Hobby Lobby Store.
I laid the Spanish Moss all around the foam ring, pinning it as I went. Nothing fancy. If it stuck out, pinned it. If it looked too fluffy. Pin it. I used the old eucalyptus and stuck it  all around the edges of the foam ring. Saving some for the more sparse areas. Re-used the hanger and Voila! A re purposed wreath. more thing. You "might" want to do this outside or in the garage. It makes one heck of a mess.
 In my opinion, very well worth it. Have you priced wreaths? Ouch! $$$$$

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