Monday, May 21, 2012

Our New Greenhouse, The Church

For sometime I have been wanting a greenhouse. A true, real, greenhouse. I built a hoop house a few years back. You really have to have everything lined up or it will cave in. I tried again but smaller. It has a lean to it, so I call it Eillens Place. I made it too small. Now its new use is for raising the heritage turkeys and its name has changed as well, Turkey Hill House. Everything has to have a name.
Well this was the year. My husband, sons and I built a real, true, honest to goodness greenhouse. Timber built, polycarbonate panels, greenhouse film, doors and windows. And, its finished! Hows that for fast forward?
I am in love with it! It turned out better than I ever imagined! We are now studying up for the Aquaponics phase.
Ive raised Tilapia before. Almost a total success until my filter failed and I lost all of them in less than a day. They were within an inch of harvesting too! I take care of my mother who has Alzheimers/Dementia and had to be away to care for her. It was a very bad day all around. She is doing better. My fish however now so much, dead. I will try again. I have learned from my mistakes and learned a great deal from newly published books. This go around will be so much better, I just know it!

 I found the plans for free from We modified it greatly. The original plans are for a 8x8. We built ours 10x16 ft. With 8 ft side walls. Plenty of room. When we first put up the walls, I freaked! I thought. This is WAY too big. I begged my husband to take it down, cut them back...anything but this is a huge wall! Im glad we didnt. Its very nice having the higher side walls. I have the option to go vertical with t my aquaponics. I like to have options. Room for growth, literally.
 We used 2x4 untreated for the construction and pressure treated  4x4 treated for the floor supports. Yes. Thats Jeff our Llama helping. He loves power tools. And putting in his two cents. Actually he just likes to hang with us.

Here is The Church, life giving, pristine white, greenhouse. All complete. Close to the house. With a garden in front and raised beds to the back. I purchased my greenhouse film from Charleys Greenhouse Supply. And it was on sale!!!! That almost never happens for me, but this time I guess the stars were aligned! lol!
Our doors are 4 ft to allow  for more tanks if needed and I can get my wheelbarrow through it also. Thinking ahead. We still have a few extra little things to do, like power. That shouldnt be too bad, we can hook on right from the house and my hubby is an Electrician.
Now to plan and lay out the aquaponics. Always something. Stay tuned, more to come.


Anonymous said...

Look! You have a comment section!

When do the fish come?

(Sue from Indiana AKA Leah's Mom)

Life at Purple Gate Farm said...

Good question! They cashed the check and I still dont have my fish!
Seriously. I was told they didnt get the quantities they had hoped and will ship as soon as possible. I will post about it when they arrive!