Thursday, August 9, 2012

Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival

Friday was one of those days were we really didnt feel like doing anything but have fun. Lots of "other" stuff that needs to get done, thats an understatement. Some days you just have to say "Oh well!"
It was hot, like 95* HOT. What better idea of fun than take off and go see and do the Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival. Nothing like walking around in the heat, looking at huge ships! So, we went! We had fun too! Just the three of us. Spontaneity leads to creativity.
I dont think the pictures give justice to just how huge these ships really are. Im talking huge! There was one photo I was unable to get, the Rutter. Its 8 ft by 11 ft, solid brass. Now thats big!

I have a great appreciation for the Coast Guard and all who Serve. I just wish they were paid more and given all their needed supplies. Sadly this is not the case. Our USA funding of the Military ranks 4th. Wondering what the top priority is?  Ill bet you will never guess?


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