Thursday, August 2, 2012

Making a tincture

I grow mint for my bees and herbs for me. I have lots of stuff growing right now.I am a self proclaimed, GROWING ADDICT!
 Gradually we are heading towards fall and all my beautiful plants will go to sleep until next Spring. I miss them so much during the winter. Many, I bring indoors and keep them going until next year until they can go back outside. This year we do have the greenhouse aka The Church which will help greatly with keeping the green! So grateful about that.
On Youtube I came across an amazing woman. Atticus9799. This lady rocks! From her I learned how to make a Tincture. Easy! Thanks Atticus9799! She is also known as Noreen and you can find her on Facebook as well. Check her out! Amazing!

While we were out and about yesterday. Jake had an ortho appt and I always save up errands, gas is nearing $4.00 a gallon...again! I picked up stuff we needed, not much but still adds up. I got a small container of Vodka. The cheap stuff. $5.32 a fifth. Now I wish I had splurged and bought the biggie bottle, it was $11.32. What was I thinking? Evidently, NOT! Oh well. Next trip.  Got home, settled and went to work. First thing, get your Ball jars cleaned and sanitized along with the lids and bands. Dry and set aside.Now the fun part, picking! I picked Mint, Lemon balm, Rosemary and my beloved Lavender. Heres what you do. Rinse your greens. Spiders like to hide in the leaves. Dont worry, they are just wee little spiders, set them back outside. They wont hurt you! But will do a world of good towards the bad bugs. Save The Spiders!!!! Next, chop up, ripe apart,shred...take out all the frustrations of the day out in Public! Oh! wait. Thats me...I dont like going away and dealing with Public! After shredding my leaves I felt much better, thank you! Maybe you will too! One great thing. The leaf shredding smelled so wonderful!  Maybe it was the vodka? Just kidding. Now place your shredded greens into the pint sized jars, Lots, I mean cram them in there. Now fill to the shoulder mark on the ball jar with the cheap vodka. It has to be 80 proof! Cap, band, label and place NOT in direct sunlight but some where you will see them often so you can give them a good shake! In about 6-8 weeks you will have EXTRACT! You can use it in tooth powder recipes, room sprays, cleaners, cooking, baking etc...and its CHEAP! Have you priced extracts lately? Get ready, pricey!
Then my brain started buzzzing! Thats whats happens to ya when your a Bee keeper. You get buzzy brain! I thought, why not just add the herbs to a bottle of Vodka?  Pop the plastic top off and Voila! Your in!
Then...I thought about oils, vinegars and then back to Vodka...More posts to come!!!!
buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz buz buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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