Friday, August 3, 2012

Used Coffee Grounds

Spent coffee grounds are wonderful for pest control around Brassica. But did you know they also make a wonderful air freshener? Yes they do! Put used grounds  into a shallow dish and place in the back of your fridge, where no one can accidentally knock them over. They are a pain to clean up. Dont ask how I know this. Just be advised!. It works  like baking soda in removing nasty smells from your  refrigerator . Sorry to say it will NOT make your fridge smell like Starbucks.
 Replace  in about two weeks. This is when you will put them to another great job by adding them to the compost, garden or mushroom patch. You dont have a mushroom patch? Well thats another post!


Sue AKA ~Leah's Mom~ said...

I never knew you could use them that way...great post!

Sue AKA - Leah's Mom

Life at Purple Gate Farm said...

Thank You Leahs Mom ;) Try it, you'll like it!