Monday, September 10, 2012

Juicer, Steamer

This years grapes werent as wonderful as last years, considering the drought, Ill take what I can get!
I took a break from canning tomatoes to juicing grapes. I decided to demonstrate its use.
I purchased my Juicer/Steamer from Amazon. com. Its stainless steel. I would highly recommend you invest in the stainless steel version. There are aluminum ones skip those, go for the stainless. You will be much happier and healthier for it!
 Are these not gorgeous? I grow a mix. I do this with many things. I like the  flavor the mix adds! Here are Concord Purple and White, Niagara and Catawba.
 My plans for my grapes are Jelly, Juice and the all important WINE!!!! So far I have accomplished, The Jelly, the Juice and if I can ever keep on hand an extra juice I shall make WINE!
 One son loves the jelly,  my other  son, the juice! Next year, I shall add more grape vines  so hopefully I can have enough to make WINE for mom!
 The juicer/steamer comes in three sections. Here is the base that holds the water for the "steaming" part of the action. NEVER, NEVER EVER let this  unit go dry. It will crack your pan, ruined....Ohh ! The devastation. Just remember, when in use...KEEP IT  1/2 FULL OF WATER....ALWAYS!!! When in doubt. Look and see how much water is in there??? If  low, fill with HOT water.
 I have hard, hard water. Sometimes I add a dash of vinegar to the pot or I soak it in some vinegar after use.
 This is the mid section where the Juice is collected. A hose drains the juice into sterile canning jars.The drainage hose has a flow stop/handle on the end. A great idea! Cause this darling gets hot! It does not completely stop all the flow so keep it securely in a jar when not in use.
 My lovely grapes in the top section, ready for their steam facial.
 Here are all the sections together, lid on and ready for heat. Let the steam/juice action begin!
 I have found it a plus to have a sturdy table set up near the stove to hold my canning jars. Remember these darlings get hot! I set them on the table, drain the juice into them, never having to hold the hot jars.
 I keep my canning jars filled with hot water to temper them prior to use.  To prevent cracked canning jars, just fill with hot water until you are ready to use, dump out the water and fill the next jar, ready to go!
 See this small amount of juice forming? Its ready to drain.
 You can see the handle here. My fingers stay nice and cool. I have my jar safely on a sturdy table, squeeze open the handle and the juice flows.
 This years grapes made a beautiful pink juice! I can hardly wait to see what color the jelly will be? PINK!
 I have my next jar ready and filling with hot water.
 To get out all the possible juice I use a potato masher to squeeze out every last bit. Waste not want not!
For that last little, wee bit of possible juice??? I tilt the top pan and let it drain a few more minutes.
And here is our juice. Gorgeous, pink, juice! One half gallon from roughly 5 lbs of grapes!  Not too shabby. Its delicious all on its own. No added sugars needed. For this I am making jelly. I will add my pectin and some sugar. 
If you want to can just the juice follow the Ball recommendations for that particular juice.
 I wipe the tops of my jars, add the sterile lids and bands and use the hot water bath for 15 mins.
I have also done this with Peaches.
Enjoy~ Angela


Anonymous said...

Hi honey. This Joel dear. The grapes look wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hi honey. This is Joel Dear. The grapes look wonderful.

Life at Purple Gate Farm said...

Thanks Joel Dear!
Because of you, all this is possible!