Monday, September 24, 2012

Look What I Got!!!

I buy my Rhubarb from the nicest man who lives just around the corner from us. Since I dont even know his name, lets call him The Rhubarb Man ;)  Its the best Rhubarb in town, yeah baby!. Im on a pie making quest, hoping to perfect my pie making skills. So every few days, suppose to be once a week, I make my family a different pie. Rough, right? Well, for them!

Sadly I was out of Rhubarb, until.... After our bike ride last night, Joel dear stopped at the Rhubarb Mans house and we bought ten pounds, enough to get us through winter, hopefully! He also gave us about that much Kale, guess what Im doing today?  Canning! But he gave me something else, 3 potted Rhubarb plants!
 Heres the special story behind those baby Rhubarb plants. About 50-60 years ago my  Great Uncle Claus and Great Aunt Ruth gave the Rhubarb Man his first 25 Rhubarb plants and now I am gifted the baby plants from these. How amazing is that? After all these years, after many moves, I have plants from them.
 My Great Uncle Claus passed away about 25 years ago, Great Aunt Ruth about 4 years ago. They were amazing people as well as farmers. She was known for her beautiful flower gardens that she kept immaculately. I am so blessed to have these plants. In a small way, I feel Gr Uncle Claus, and Gr Aunt Ruth are with me in my most comforting place, the garden.
Id like to share a link with you that has some wonderful Rhubarb recipes. I know Rhubarb is thought of more in the Spring, but.....if its still available, why not get ya some!

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