Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mortgage or Mort as in dead Gag as in sickening!

Sadly we do have a mortgage, Its small but its still money going out. Slowly we are chipping away at debt. Its hard. Like you need to be told that right? We have two kids in college as well as daily expenses. My hubby drives 130 miles round trip to work every day and often on week-ends as well. My Guys go back and forth from college Mon- Fri..... With gas prices  hovering at $4/gal it really hurts us. We are paying more in gas monthly than our house payment! Well enough of my rant..
I do have a Helpful Hint that I would like to share with you. Its nothing new but many dont know of it this. Its called Bi-Saver. Its very simple. You make half your payment every two weeks. Your still making a full payment in a month but...there are more weeks than months and you will pay two full payments extra! No out of pocket extras either!  This can cut your mortgage significantly.
Try it! Most banking/ credit unions offer this option, hopefully they will not charge you for it. If so, bank around!