Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Fish Come In

I thought I could raise the Tilapia in my greenhouse, aka The Church, all season long. After all, that was one of the main purposes for building it. Keeping Tilapia in the house, in large aquariums, can be rather smelly.
Guess who is in the house now? Well, part of the crew at least. For now they are small. Hopefully timing will be on my side, "this time", and I can move them back out to the big tank in The Church come Spring!?!?!
Currently about 30 are in  The Church,  in an insulated tank and with a heater. Im not so sure this will work. I will have to add some sort of filteratration system. My grow beds are my filter system now and it will be impossible to maintain a constant temperature. I have consulted with my leader, Tilapia Farmer who is The Tilapia Bible, in my opinion, I know he will have a suggestion or two.
This is what happens when you try to do things, and you have to think of a plan B. Some days I wish I could  be the person who just buys her food at the grocery store with no thought once so ever. With no worries that her son would have a reaction to the food, or the chemicals in the food. With no care of how the animals are raised and or treated.  But what I really wish, that this all works out and" this time", I succeed! I dont want to fail, again. If I do, I think I will hang up my hat!
Welcome to my world of constant doubt, question and what if! Please send me positive thoughts and energy, Im having a very, awful, bad day.


Annnightflyer said...

It seems alot of people I've talked to have Tilapia and they have rabbits too.I like rabbits but have to think about the fish.

Life at Purple Gate Farm said...

I have my fish living in the garage for now. I made a bio filter that seems to be working really well. So far, so good!