Monday, October 1, 2012

Deodorant So Cheap and Easy it Should be Illegal

Yesterday everyone was gone..Boo hoo! It gets lonely here. Yes! Even with all the critters. I can talk to them, but they cant talk back, in words I can translate! I decided to do some mad scientist experiments. Why not? I had all the stuff and plenty of time on my hands.
I have been saving empty deodorant containers with the hopes of making my own. I was shocked to see the price difference. From $4.25 to $5.99. I use natural, no anti-perspirants Its been linked to Breast Cancer and Alzheimers. Besides your body was meant to perspire! The smell, we can do without!
I scoured the Internet, watched some youtube vids and found two recipes. One was a total yuck. This one, this is the one! With a few ingredients, Im sure you will have and or can get locally, you too can make your own deodorant and for your family as well.
Think of this, I have four members in my family we use deodorant about one container each a month times $5, thats $20 bucks a month times 12 months. Thats $240 a year in just DO!
  Ohhh the money you are going to save!!!! Ok so thats not even half the money we spend in gas a month for just my hubby to get back and forth to work. But its still money NOT going out!!! And homemade is just better!
Just so you understand this is NOT my recipe. Im not sure who the creator of it is but Im so glad they did!
3T Coconut oil
3T Baking Soda
2T Arrowroot powder 
2T Corn Starch, I used corn starch
5 drops Tea Tree Oil
5 Drops Essential Oil of  your choice. I used Lavender
Mix all together. I mashed the coconut oil to the powders than added the oils. It will be a wet mix. Use a spoon to put into a clean container. I re-used mine. Cleaning it out well. Place in fridge for about an hour to harden. It does NOT have to stay in fridge. You will have extra left over. Place in a small container with a lid. One lady on youtube said she keeps hers in her purse and or gym bag!


Life at Purple Gate Farm said...

Well I tried to leave u a comment on the most recent blog entry but it wouldn't let me have that choice so I'm leaving it on this entry. Lol I bet u haven't guessed who this is yet? Well it's me JoelDear haha. Anyways love the blog, keep up the good work. Waml always. xoxoxoxo

Annnightflyer said...

I just use baking soda and corn starch seems to do fine with me.