Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Gentle Way of Line Drying Clothing

I try to do my part to minimize my/ our carbon footprint. It seems its getting harder and harder not to mention so much more expensive not to do so otherwise. Currently our electric bill runs around $250 a month and UP! That's JUST for lights, to pump up our well water and....heated topic,{ pun intended!} between Joel and I, the HOT WATER HEATER. I say it has to be the culprit. He feels otherwise, so to prove my point, I have turned off the main switch to the heater during the day. We shall see if there is a difference in our next months bill or not! AND I unplugged/emptied an old refrigerator in the garage.
 I wash our clothes in cold water, run my dishwasher at night and basically theres no reason to heat all that water when no one needs it all day long. Im on a journey, a quest! If its frugal, its me!
 I have a very sturdy clothes line my dad built me when we first moved here. Outside. I use it all the time weather permitting. Except for now. Its damp and the clothes will not dry. Not to mention...we heat with wood. I love the smell, just not in my clothes.  Our wood burner, modeling for you here, is an EPA wood burner, you very rarely see smoke, if any, coming from the stack. This little bugger heats our whole house! I love it! It saves us majorly on heating our house. We use only fallen trees. The wood we burn came from a tree service. Or our woods and pasture. Goats should be related to beavers, they are super hard on trees!
 So in the winter time I use drying racks near the wood burner. Ok here comes the disclaimer... Be careful around the wood burner, its hot. Do not leave line drying unattended, especially if you have cats in house. Ok, lets just use common sense people! You know by now. Back to the story.... I found mine at Lowes, they were around $20 each, metal and very sturdy. Also they expand for drying  and contract for storage, bonus!  I currently have three and as you can see, they are loaded! I do about 5 loads of laundry a day.Using my homemade laundry soap and softener, I have finally found a recipe that keeps the clothes from getting so stiff. I leave the clothes like this over night. The jeans I usually rotate during their drying time,  or they will be damp if left in the same position. Just give them a flip. I also use this method for drying our whites, in no time at all, dry!  In the morning I gather them all up, some may need a tumble in the dryer for just a few minutes on low heat setting. It sounds like a lot of work, its not really. Especially when you consider each load would mean 45 mins in my electric, high efficiency  dryer. Thats huge!
I have seen some beautiful drying racks online, simply gorgeous! Maybe one of these days when mine have gone to line drying heaven I will get one of those beauties but for now, Im very pleased with my find. Check them out, give them a try. They work! Happy Clothes Drying~ Angela


Anonymous said...

Hi Ang!

Good ideas, as usual!

Hope you're geraing up for a wonderful Christmas with your men!


Kristi said...

I love line drying my clothes! I do it outside in the spring, summer and fall, as we have temperate enough weather to do so. I could probably do it in the winter too, some days at least, but I don't because for some reason I forget all about the clothes and leave them out overnight, and I'm afraid of spiders getting into them! LOL Our indoors is sooo small, I don't know that we would even have the space to line dry indoors, but I love your setup, it looks so cozy and wonderful. :)

~Kristi @Let This Mind Be in You

Annnightflyer said...

I can't tell you how many of those racks I've had and they were very usefu in drying clothes,which reminds me I need to get a couple lol.They are really great when you need the space.

Life at Purple Gate Farm said...

Hi Rileys Mom!!! Merry Christmas to you and yours. We are getting ready. Guys are finishing up with finals, then off for 3 whole weeks!

Life at Purple Gate Farm said...

Kristi, I have forgotten clothes on the line over night a time or two as well. Really backs me up the next day. Im buried in clothes.LOL!

Life at Purple Gate Farm said...

Annnightflyer, go get ya some .....more. Never hurts! Happy clothes drying!!

Alison Bayne said...

Yes this is me, too! Although I use a Sheila Maid. That's the kind you hoist up into the ceiling. I'd like to get one of your kind of racks too, to go in the same room as our woodburner. Where did you get it from? Going to try washing clothes in colder water too. Following you now, found you on the HomeAcre hop! Best wishes from the UK.

Life at Purple Gate Farm said...

All the way from the UK??? How exciting! Thank you for following. I bought mine from Lowes. They are on the cheap side, sort of. Around $20 each. I have had them going on three years now. So at least they do last. Trying to save as much money as I can!!! Hope it works for you as well. Happy Day to Thee!!!!!