Saturday, February 2, 2013

First Eva Video

Last night I posted my first ever blog video. I have posted two others, one was when Matilda was born and in the house, the other I Can Speak Pig. Those dont count. This video took me for ever! #1 Im picky. #2 Im shy. So why did I do it? I have been asked to. So here  I go. I agree some things are just better on video and others in print. I just hope I can keep up? You can view them  here
I thought Id post a picture today of our backyard. My usual picture. Its a whopping 9* this morning and snowing. Another day all the animals will be in the barn. Or as I call it Lock Down.  I let them out for stall cleaning, then they want back in, right away. Even Casper who has on his beautiful pink blanket! Brr. Baby brr. Its cold outside.

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Annnightflyer said...

That does look cold.Guess if I want to see snow I'll have to head up north uh? LOL