Sunday, March 24, 2013

Shopping For Canning Jars

I can everything! Well, almost EVERYTHING. We recently embarked on the journey of spiking our 16 Maple Trees. You need "something" to hold the syrup in right? Right. So off I went to my local grocery store to buy a "few" cases of Ball Canning Jars. I was also canning dried beans too, I need lots of jars. We use canning jars for drinking glasses as well. They are perfect. Especially the wide mouth ones, no pun intended.
While in the line to check out. The cashier asks me, "what are you going to do with those?" Meaning the canning jars. I told her, canning Maple Syrup, and beans..... She asks me "We have Maple Trees here in Michigan?"  That I found pretty sad. Then she asked "why would I can beans? We sell them here you know!"
 Hmmm. I wont go there. I was polite and kind. Just explained that we prefer my beans. She then asked me if" I worked outside the home?"  I replied,only when Im mowing the lawn,or removing the snow,or cleaning the barn,or mucking stalls,or milking goats. But other than that, no. She laughed and said "Thats how you get to do all of this. "  I was a cashier too at one time. I have worked in the past, way outside the home. Until the recent recession, I was working two jobs and still doing all of this. I just found this conversation with this particular cashier not to be gaining info, but more well, mean. I dont ask people why they buy what they buy. Its none of my business. Like the other time, I was also at the grocery store. I was buying Castor Oil. I use it for oil cleaning my face, for the record.  The cashier asks "Why are you buying this? It says its for constipation, you dont look constipated."
What do you say?


Lindsey Nickell said...

I bought castor oil at the Walgreens and the cashier asked me the same thing! Well, kinda. She said "Troubles?" and raised her eyebrows.

I was using it in soap making.

Truthfully - I didn't come up with the perfect quippy comeback until 2 days later, which pissed me off.

I love it when people silently judge us for living the way we do. I dig it. Bring it on!

Life at Purple Gate Farm said...

I know! Its so funny what people will say, wished I had a video camera going. LOL AND that I could have come up with "something" to say....My face was so red, extreme embarrassment!
I knew other people in line were staring at me wondering the same thing??? Is she? Or, isnt she???? All the while the song One Eyed, One Horned Flying Purple People Eater was playing in my mind...I think thats what others think of those of use who do all of this and more.

Mary said...

Oh, my Lord! The ignorance of some people! I so admire all you do....far more than this homemaker :) I can relate though. Awhile back I was checking out at the grocery store and the young boy bagging for me noticed one of my recycle bags was one I knit together dozens of plastic grocery bag strips. "You made this didn't you?!" he said. "Yep, said I. It's really strong and holds lots of stuff.". The clerk looked at me with what looked to me like anger and said "you must have a lot of patience" but it sounded more like "what a dummy - don't you have anything better to do with your time?". What could I say? Not worth it. ;)
Have a great day~