Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We Have SUN!!!!!

I had to take a picture and share this with you...Dont freak out...its just the SUN!  I cant remember the last day we had such a beautiful event. Really! Its been days and days and days of gloomy, over cast, SNOW, Rain, SNOW MIXED WITH RAIN day after days!!!! The kind of weather that makes you want to get a soft, fluffy blankey, curl up on the couch and veg sort of days. You just feel tired all the time. Well not today. I think Im going to paint the barns, put in a new drive way, re do my kitchen, buy a cow, replace all my crappy windows...OK . Maybe not that much. But you get the idea of how something so small can you make you feel so great! SUN!
 Actually,today Im making soap and homemade deodorant. Exciting!
 What are you doing with your day? Is it sunny? Wherever your day takes you...Happy Day To Thee~ Ang
 Ariel, our Gramma kitty, taking in some rays.

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