Wednesday, April 10, 2013


This week has been a doozie. First my son Jake went on a trip for college. A wonderful experience for him minus the air travel. American Airlines really failed. His first flight was delayed 5 1/2 hours due to repairs. Then delayed from each and every point, rerouted etc. He started out leaving at 10 am, he got to his hotel at 2 am! A flight that was to take 3 hours took 16 hours.  His return flight made up air time, by 10 mins. They got into OHare in time to catch their connecting flight. BUT, someone had already closed the gate. And under no circumstances are they to open it. So the flight left with only 6 passengers onboard, leaving over 20 stranded! If his group had not rented a mini van and drove home, he would have still been stranded in Chicago. He got a text  that his flight  out "today" ( suppose to leave out Sunday) was still canceled. They gave him a $12 food voucher. That was all.
THEN>>>>>>>>> My washer broke, as did my fridge, same day. I can understand my washer, it WAS 15 yrs old. Funny, my mom had appliances that lasted almost 30 years. I doubt we will see that in our life time. Then my 5 year old MAYTAG fridge broke. The compressor. The warranty had just went out. I contacted Maytag and basically was told. Thanks for your donation but sucks to be you. Ohhh! We are sorry.
 I had a service repair come, what a jerk, thats another story. He said that these brands usually last only 2 years! I was LUCKY to get 5 yrs out of my side by side 26 cu ft, $1200.00  Maytag .  The repair will cost a  min $875.oo I find this ALL disgusting!
  This is my other gripe. No one cares about their product, customers, nothing. I am just so angry. Whatever happened to the customer being right, doing more to keep up good service? Pleases and Thank Yous?  I feel as if I am a reject from another era. No one has  manners, every place I go is filthy, even doctors offices. Do you have a time machine? I wanna go back to the time when people were neat, clean, professional, and had pride in their craftsmanship.

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