Friday, May 10, 2013

Spring Has Sprung, and this chick is beeizzzyyy

After a very long winter, a winter that seemed to never end, its SPRING! And a beautiful Spring at that. Last year we had a horrible early Spring. It was warmer in March, than April, then heat wave all summer. Please, never a year like that again. We have been enjoying beautiful temps here in SWMI, 73*, bright blue skies, SUN with just the right sprinkling of rain. Ahhhh.
I have been busy getting gardens ready. Each year I do away with more lawn. Less To Mow, More To Grow is my motto. I currently have 5 gardens and am adding, just one more. I promise, just one more. Than one more after that and one more after that...hee hee!
I start all my seedlings indoors, than move them to The Church, aka my greenhouse, then to their final grand area, THE GARDEN! Its a wonderful process. I love it, usually. This year it was really hard. I had a bad few days. You see I recently placed my mom in a nursing home after caring for her for almost 4 years with Alzheimer's/Dementia. For some reason, maybe a stress release, it hit me all at once. I started feeling really bad about all I do, like I was a crazy person for raising our food, questioning and doubting everything I do or have done. For a brief moment, I thought, "Ill call my mom and talk to her about how I feel." Then reality hit, "You cant call your mom, shes not there anymore." THATS when it hit. Im an orphan. Sort of. I still have my mom, but she doesnt know who I am anymore, she cant remember my name. I still talk to her as if she does but its very hard. I always have a lump in my throat, choking back tears. Many times when Im leaving the nursing home Im in tears. I usually work it all out on the drive home, its a 45 min drive one way. Im doing better about all of it, I guess its something I just have to go through. I was quiet for awhile, but am getting back into the swing of things. New projects, new babies....Its all good.

Mr Tumnus
Last winter I bred three of my does to a ( borrowed) wonderful buck, Mr Tumnus. He is a total doll, a Nigerian. A small breed of dairy goat. They are known for  wonderful, rich in butterfat, goats milk! Since my girls are Snoobs, Saneen, Nubian crosses they are quite tall. You get where Im going here dont you? If you dont, let me explain. I wasnt quite sure the little guy could reach the target! Being as polite as I can be. People joked and said I or better yet, Joel Dear should build the little guy, Mr Tumnus a stand. My guys wanted nothing to do with my adventures in goat sex! So, I had to let nature and hormones do their jobs. Well as it turns out, it has. Our dear mischievous Stella is forming an udder. Shes PREGNANT! Due June 27 or as we say, When the stem is ripe, the apple will fall. All in due time!
Now only if Maddie and Lilly are holding on to a secret as well.
We have four other new babies here. Two chicks, one buckling and a Turkey. Im still waiting on the other 12 fertile Turkey eggs I ordered. I have my incubator all set up and ready. Which leads me to projects. Does that word make your husbands shake with fear as it does mine?
I have plans on building a chicken tractor for our meat birds.I order 25 each year and thats the only chicken we eat.
Cleaning the stalls for those birds is horrendous! I figure I can build a 10x10 hoop house. Let them free range all day, lock them up safely at night, and  move it when it needs to be cleaned. The egg laying hens will come through and scratch the straw around and it will all go back into the earth as composted chicken manure. What do you think? I say it all starts with a plan! ;) So thats where my brain is today.
 I still have to get my fence up for Turkey Hill Mansion and fence in the new pasture. Hence the title, BEEIzzzy! And now you know why my hubby shakes with fear..PROJECTS! lol

My dear, sweet, helpful son Alex helped me out greatly this year. Well he always helps me, but extra this time. I recently did some damage to my knee. Requiring surgery. I have torn my Meniscus in three places, my ACL and I have a cyst behind my knee.  Dear sweet son Jake, mows the lawns that I have not dug up....yet!
I have a gorgeous brace Im wearing to buy myself some time. Time to get through the summer, then this fall. Surgery! YUCK!

Maddie Jane and LB
Blossom, Kletus, Lilly, Stella and The Jeff in background
We have our very own buck. Say Hello to Lucky Bucky or LB as we call him. He is 100% Nubian. Another dairy goat breed. He is a bottle baby, and Im really hoping he and I will be friends even through puberty. He is going to be a very tall boy. My last experience with owning my own buck was disastrous. That thing was so mean. He'd take you out just for thinking of entering his pasture!

I have stayed with my purple passion theme in The Church, the fish tanks are usually painted black to keep out light and prevent algae growth. Well, I think black can be over done, so I went with Purple Gloss. It really adds some happy pizzazzz to growing I think! What fish wouldnt be happy to swim in a Purple Gloss Tank?
So, in a flash I have caught you up with some of the happenings here  Life At Purple Gate Farm. Im off to feed, weed, and read.
Happy Mothers Day To Thee~ Angela


Amanda Pope said...

How wonderful with the goats and the weather isn't it? Purple is my favorite color beside light blue.We decided not to try to grow anything here in west Texas,last year was a bust.

Life at Purple Gate Farm said...

Ohh Amanda, dont give up, and never give in! Have you tried hydroponics? Maybe with this you could grow some stuff. I grow as much of our food as possible. It saves us all around. Better choices, healthier etc. I will have to post a vid of the inside workings of my greenhouse aka The Church...Its accented with purple, and maybe an inspiration!?!!?!????