Saturday, August 31, 2013

Somebody gave us a SCARE!

It all started last Sunday. I went out to hang clothes on the line and noticed Jeff laying in the sun. Not an unusual site for him. Other than it was very hot that day. I told him, "it was time to get to the shade." He didnt move. " Time to toll over, your tan enough on that side handsome man!" He didnt move again. I then said, "Jeff dont make me come over there and get you!" He still didnt move. By this time, Im running around to the gate. "IM coming Jeff!" He was down and I couldnt get him up. I know, your getting worried now too huh? Ill be the first to admit, I dont handle animal illnesses well AT ALL!  I freak, I cry, I panic, I overly worry, I obsess, and I sleep in the barn! Id rather stay in the barn then trek back and forth. It gets screepy (thats Jakes term for scary and creepy) at night!
Jake, Jeffs arch adversary noticed the scene and  came over to help. He was smarter, he went right through the fence. See, Jake really does LOVE Jeff :) I ran into the house to call the vet. I heard Jake yelling for me, He had gotten Jeff up. We walked him to the barn, gave him a good once over. I couldnt see anything wrong??? I let him play in the hose, to cool off. Jeff ate some grass, ran around like Pepe LaPeu....all seemed o.k???? I still wasnt convinced. He still seemed "off."
I started my every 20 min vigil over Jeff. I called his previous owner. He is my go to guy for the goats, Llamas,  and cars. You name it, if you wanna know ask Al. He suggested a few things, told me to "keep a  close eye on him!" I had that part covered. The not knowing, not good. I called the vet on Tuesday. He loves Jeff too. He was out of the office on other farm calls, but called me immediately. He asked what our pasture looked like? Tall weeds growing? "Yes" I said why???? With our damp, cool summer the weeds were taking over pastures and forming "Oxalate's" which are poisonous to Jeff. The vet ordered him to a dry lot. Off pasture, only grain, hay, water. AND if he is not better in 24 hours I wanna hear from you! Done! So my love of my life llama is sad in his stall, but doing better. He has his own fan, own hay, can eat his grain in peace. Goats can be rather pushy to Jeff. And fresh, cool water. I go down and see him often. Ok, VERY often. I think tonight we will go for a walk, or two. Anything for my lovie Lllama Jeff!

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