Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Trouble With Goats

I have debated many a time  about getting into cows. I love cows, from a distance. They are big. And Im a little afraid of them. "Will they kick me when I try to milk the cow? Will they chase my horse? What if they get out?" Theses are the questions of doubt that go through my mind. This is why Im sticking with my goats. Until yesterday. See, I have, currently 8 goats. 4 does and twins born in June. One weather, Kleetus and our new little buckling ( a baby boy goat) LB, Lucky Bucky.
LB decided to "discover" he has male parts for breeding.How else can I say this? He found himself or it found him.  He is no longer our little baby boy, he is maturing into a buck. Still a sweet, kind boy though.
 Bucks will urinate on themselves and everything around them when they come into rut or breeding season. Its a horrible, stinky smell. Similar to a skunk. I do not want it all over my barn, or stalls. Sorry. Im picky.
LB was doing what he is suppose to do, breed the girls.This is a a very important process if you want goats milk.
I have been asked, "will goats  just come into milk?" No.  They have to mature,
to about the age of 1 to 1  1/2 yrs of age, come into season or estrous, which is usually when the evening temps dip to the cooler side, some goats are "breed able" throughout the year, then have them bred to a buck, have babies, THEN you will get goats milk. Just in case you too were wondering about the process. Thats it in a nutshell.
 I do not want baby goats born in December. #1 Im having knee surgery then, and #2 Its winter, its cold,and snowy.  Im not a fan of using heat lamps in the barn or giving up prime parking space in the garage for a baby goat playpen. So I prefer to wait on breeding until the birth will be at a more convenient time for all. I plan on having baby goats born during the late Spring or early Summer.
 I moved Kleetus and LB to a nice, well suited pasture just for the guys. They have two nice shelters, and a huge pasture just to themselves. A Goatie Man Cave. Sounds great right? Well NOT to Kleetus. He didnt like it there, he wanted to be in Caspers pasture. So, he climbed, then jumped the 4 ft high NO CLIMB GOAT fence. Yup. Right over, no problem and no questions asked. Leaving LB alone and afraid, screaming. I trudged back over, got Kleet, put him back in the pasture and watched him again. Thinking to myself, "And you didnt want cows, why?"  I moved the guys to the barn, locked them up into a stall and made plans to fix the fence. And that we did. It has two strands of electric now. If you think this is cruel. Let me explain. IF Kleetus has learned this trait, there will be no fence that will keep him in. Safely. He will climb any fence, anytime. The busy road is not far, and as are neighbors. Im sure they dont want goats eating their nice flower gardens.
He has to learn to stay put. He has everything he needs, a buddy, LB, feed, water, shelter and plenty of area to move around. He will learn. Change for goats is not easy. I must be part goat.

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