Sunday, November 17, 2013

Meet The Press.

I thought it would be nice for you to have a picture to go with a name to go with a face....
Meet The Press. My Farm animals and pets. So I will be adding a new member for you to meet each week.
Lets start with Casper. He is my 19 yr old Tn Walker  Horse. We adopted him almost 7 years ago. He is a rescue. A give a horse a second chance and Im so glad we did. He is by far the best horse I have ever had. And I have had horses, and or ponies since I was 4 tears old.
Casper and I enjoy riding with our friends. We trailer to distant trails just he and I. Its the most peaceful time for me. When Im riding with Casper, all I can say is, "Life is VERY GOOD." I like many can take my life for granted, when Im with Casper I realize just how blessed I am to have this life, this time and him. Owning a horse in my opinion is a luxury, a blessing.

he loves to play in the water
Each morning  and evening he waits for me in his stall to feed him his grain and hay. I like to brush him during this time. I have to give him kisses and hugs and I love the smell of him so I sneak a sniff on his long soft fuzzy neck. Sometimes I just have to go out to his pasture  and hang out with him while he munches away.I usually have a pocket full of cookies too. I love him.
 Say Hello to Casper.

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