Saturday, November 16, 2013

Preparing the new Tilapia Tank

 We moved the IBC tote to the garage and started retro fitting it for grow beds. I used two 14L plastic totes I purchased from Walmart for my grow beds, filled with one bag 25 L of Hyrdoton. I used a bell siphon in each. You can search youtube for Bell Siphons, much easier than I can go into detail. Make sure on your exhaust/ drain pipe that you use an angle piece of pvc, not just straight or it will just continually flow and not flush.
We made our own bulk heads from  1/2 inch pvc and conduit fittings. Also making our own gasket from a square of rubber we bought at our local hardware store.
 To cut the holes in the plastic beds I used  a unibit, go slow or you will crack the plastic and have to buy another. Hmmm. How do I know this????
Once its all up, together, running and filled with warm water....Fish move!
I did transplant some mature plants from my greenhouse into the grow beds. We have Dandelion, Arugula, Swiss Chard and Lettuce growing now. And thirty happy, healthy, plump Tilapia.

 Addie Mae and Brother Little who just like to help.
 A bell siphon with hardware cloth cage so hydroton ( compressed pellets of clay) keep out!
Water filling nicely.

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